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abiLine smartControl transmitters

abiLine smartControl transmitters

abiLine smartControl is an innovative contactless solution which allows you to control up to 10 thousand Wi-Fi/IR/RF devices.

Control your home devices from any place in the world. All from your smartphone (Android/iOS).

Transmitter versions:

ASC-10 – IR control

ASC-50 – IR/RF control

ASC-100 – IR/RF control and signal transmission

Users of  USmartHome app can control the chosen devices remotely. The app has an IR code library which covers thousands of brands and models.

How it works

Place the transmitter in a room and download USmartHome app to your smartphone.The smartphone should be connected to a Wi-Fi network. First, you should register in the app, then choose a transmitter icon and add it (the app automatically finds the devices).

In order to add a device, search the app library to find its producer and model. If your model is not in the library, you add it by yourself. The controlled devices should enable Wi-Fi, IR or RF communication.


The transmitter has a wide 360-degree range.

If you want to control IR devices, put the transmitter in such a place that there will be no obstacles which can distort the communication between the transmitter and devices.

You will need ASC-100 model if you want to control abiLine smartControl door/window sensors.

» IR/RF control;
» IR/RF signal transmission;
» Hub for other RF devices;
» Gateway for security sensors;
» Temperature detection;
» Dimension: 250mm * 110mm * 110mm
» WiFi:2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
» IR:38 KHz

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