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SaveKey touch panel – BASIC series

SaveKey touch panel – BASIC series

Replace a traditional light switch with a modern touch panel switch – without changing the electrical installation. One SaveKey switch can replace up to 4 standard switches.

Savekey BASIC solution enables you to change your interior and add more functions on one light switch without any changes in the installation. Additionally, thanks to text customization you can easily control the lighting in your rooms.



SaveKey BASIC series is perfect for people who want to change the interior in a simple way and extend the functionality of switches.

Panels are available in metal, aluminium or PCV options.

Savekey system allows you to control:

  • lighting
  • curtains
  • air conditioning, heating
  • all IR/RF/Wi-Fi devices, e.g. TV, radio, etc. – transmitter required.

Savekey touch panels can be installed in both houses and flats, restaurants, conference rooms and hotels as well.


One Savekey touch panel replaces up to 4 traditional light switches. The panels are available with single, double and triple frames.

You can change the type of frames at any time. Glass frames cannot be changed for metal/PCV/aluminium ones due to different sizes of frames.

You can customize the content on a switch panel. In order to change the content you replace a transparent film or a glass frame if you have a switch with laser printed screen.


Panels can be programmed and each panel can have 1-6 keys.

The settings are made with  Savekey remote controller.


You just disassemble a traditional light switch and install a new SaveKey panel. Each switch requires only power supply (L and N).

The panels are fully programmable so you can individually set the number and type of keys. Programming is made with a service remote controller. You only choose the standard film when making an order.

  • Procesor 3.3864MHz MCU
  • Power consumption ≤1.2w
  • Temperature: -10℃~60℃
  • Humidity 50℃ 10%~95%RH
  • Switches fit standard wall boxes, SE2x60 type is recommended
  • Dimension: 86mm X 86mm X 42mm
  • Max 4A per key
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