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SaveKey touch panel – ADVANCED/ADVANCED GLASS series

SaveKey touch panel – ADVANCED/ADVANCED GLASS series

Modern design, remote control from any place in the world, easy assembly and programming, and text customization are only some of the primary advantages of our switches.

SaveKey home automation system allows you to manage many events in a smart way. A user can create scenes which are activated at a set time, e.g. ‘Morning’ scene means that the curtains will be raised at 50%, the lights will be turned on and your favourite TV channel will be switched on at 7:00 am from Monday to Friday. Scenes can be set individually by the user on his smartphone or with a SaveKey remote controller.




SaveKey Advanced/ Advanced Glass panel series is a wire solution for buildings where new AB communication cables between switches can be installed.

The panels are available in metal, aluminium and PCV (Premium) or glass (Premium Glass) options.

Savekey system allows you to control:

  • lighting, including LED lights control and dimming
  • curtains
  • air conditioning, heating
  • all IR/RF/Wi-Fi devices, e.g. TV, radio, etc. – transmitter required.

A dry contact switch can receive up to 6 dry contact signals and support additional external sensors, e.g. wind/sun/rain sensor, smoke/gas detector, etc.

Savekey touch panels can be installed in both houses and flats, restaurants, conference rooms and hotels as well.




One Savekey touch panel replaces up to 4 traditional light switches. The panels are available with single, double and triple frames.

You can change the type of frames at any time. However, glass frames cannot be changed for metal/PCV/aluminium ones due to different sizes of the frames.

You can customize the content on your switch panel. In order to change the content you should replace a transparent film or a glass frame in case you have a switch with a laser printed screen.


Panels can be programmed and each panel can have 1-6 keys.

The settings are made with  a Savekey remote controller.


Each switch requires only power supply (L and N) and the connection with STP wire as a BUS.  Draw out an electrical cable from the wall box, trim up and press tightly.

The panels are fully programmable so you can set the number and type of keys. Programming is done with a service remote controller. You only need the standard film when making an order.

  • Procesor 3.3864MHz MCU
  • Max load: varies according to a specific model
  • Power consumption ≤1.2w
  • The touch panel can be used up to a million times
  • Temperature: -10℃~60℃
  • Humidity 50℃ 10%~95%RH
  • Switches fit standard wall boxes, SE2x60 type is recommended
  • Application:  standard light bulbs, dimmable LED lights, dimmable LED strip lights
  • Lamp power: max 400 W
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