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NUKI HOST set: NUKI SmartLock + NUKI KeyPad + NUKI Bridge

NUKI HOST set: NUKI SmartLock + NUKI KeyPad + NUKI Bridge

A perfect set for vacation home or short-stay apartment

Simply assign an individual access code to guests immediately after they’ve booked with you. This gives guests easy access during their rental. As the owner, you save time since the Nuki Keypad frees you from the hassle of personally handing over keys. It also means more comfort for your guests, since no app, special account or even a smartphone is required.

The set includes NUKI Smart Lock + NUKI KeyPad + NUKI Bridge (wi-fi gateway)

Smart, simple, secure.

Experience the new dimension of hosting with Nuki.

  • No more lost keys
  • Automated dispatch of temporary access authorizations
  • 24/7 self check-in without key delivery
  • Download the Nuki App for free and get started – no registration required
  • Easy integration thanks to open API

NUKI HOST set is perfect for hosts of short-stay apartments.

NUKI turns the key on the inside of your door whenever you want. Turn it manually, activate by touch, with the Nuki Fob or operate your lock with the Nuki smartphone app.

When the Nuki Bridge is installed additionally, Nuki connects with the Internet. Thus, the Smart Lock offers full remote control of the door lock via the Nuki app on your smartphone from anywhere and anytime.

Configuration and installation

The Smart Lock is mounted on the inside of your existing Euro Profile cylinder. 

The Smart Lock is glued to your door with special adhesive pads. We recommend using Nuki Smart Lock only with cylinders which have an emergency function. This function ensures that the cylinder can be used with a key on one side, when another key is inserted on the other side. Different suppliers of cylinders name this function differently, so e.g. it’s called “emergency function” or “external key override function”. Note that your key should rotate at the inside when you lock from the outside.

You can remotely control your locks using Nuki Bridge. Make sure it is installed in ≤5m distance to the Smart Lock.

The Nuki Keypad can be used with any Nuki Smart Lock. Installation is easy: simply glue the Keypad to the door frame or screw it to the wall next to your front door. The installation takes only a few minutes.

NUKI app

NUKI app is free of charge and can be downloaded  on iOS or Android smartphones. You can control all smart locks in one place and share up to 100 mobile access permissions per Smart Lock.

Available functions in the app:

  • Lock/Unlock
Lock or unlock your door with a single tap – either on your smartphone app or through a connected smartwatch.
  • Auto Unlock
With Auto Unlock turned on, Nuki recognizes your phone without you even touching it and opens the door automatically when you come home.
  • Lock ’n’ Go
If you want Nuki to lock your door seconds after you left your home, simply activate the Lock ’n’ Go feature from your smartphone app or from the button on the Smart Lock.
  • Access Control
Manage home access for your family, friends, guests, craftsmen or baby-sitter – on a permanent, recurring or one-time basis.
  • Activity Log
By enabling Nuki’s activity log, the app gives you a complete list of whoever locked or unlocked your door, and when.
  • Smartwatch Integration
Nuki apps are also available for Apple Watch and Android Smartwatches. Lock and unlock your door right from your wrist.

Easy installation on the existing door lock

The Nuki Smart Lock is mounted on top of the existing door cylinder on the inside of your door. To fix Nuki to your existing door lock, one of two alternative mounting plates is either clamped onto the lock cylinder, or glued to the surface around it.  The key will be operated by Nuki as soon as you have configured your Smart Lock with the Nuki app.


Nuki provides you with utmost comfort, without compromising your door’s security

Hidden inside your door- Nuki is only mounted on the inside of your home and completely invisible from outside.

Recall access permissions- If your phone gets lost, simply deactivate its Nuki access permission. Annoying key administration is now gone.

Strongly encrypted –Bulletproof end-2-end encryption ensures the highest possible security standard.

Technical data

NUKI Smart Lock:

  • Dimensions of  NUKI SMART LOCK: 110 x 60 x 60 mm
  • Operating temperature: 10-40 st.C
  • Power supply: 4x AA batteries
  • Communication: Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
  • Smartphone requirements: iPhone 4s (or newer), Android 4.4 (or higher)
  • Door lock requirements: Euro Profile Double Cylinder with emergency function
  • Door handles: Knob, handle, bar
  • Remote control: network and NUKI Bridge
  • Users: max. 100
  • Smart Locks per app: infinite.

NUKI KeyPad:

  • Dimentions: 90x30x15 mm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Power supply: baterie 2xCR2032
  • Communication: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Bluetooth range: 5 to 10 metres, depending on building structure
  • Security: 6-digit access code
  • Protection class: IP65 (dust proof and water resistant)
  • Compatible with: iOS, Android, Nuki Web

NUKI Bridge:

Colour black
Weight 120g
Product dimensions 60 x 60 x 50 mm
Origin EU
Power supply 220 V socket
Communication IEEE802.11 b / g / n (2,4 GHz)  Wireless-network
Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
Operating temperature 10-40 ° C
Distance Max. 5 m between Nuki Smart Lock and Nuki Bridge
Bluetooth range 5 metres depending on building structure
Remote control yes
Security Communication between Bridge and Nuki is protected by an SSL encryption protocol.
API Available interface HTTP-REST-API
Setup Configuration in Nuki app
Control button
Elements in the set 1x Nuki Bridge
1x manual


Integration: Airbnb, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

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