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MIWA hotel lock system

MIWA hotel lock system

Japanese technology and precision are the reasons why MIWA locks are installed in the most prestigious hotels in the world.

MIWA locks can be open with a Mifare card or smartphone app using Bluetooth technology.

MIWA locks are a secure solution for hotels.

  • The lock reader works with a key card; easy operation for elderly or handicapped people
  • LED lighting informs about the access approval or denial
  • Sound signal as an option
  • Security  – card data is encrypted by MIWA’s algorithm. The encoded sectors in cards protect from altering or copying the card data by third parties. 
  • Lock opening with a smartphone app (ALVB model with a BLUETOOTH module). You can buy the module separately.
  • Emergency card unlocks all doors (even double-locked doors)
  • Anti-Panic function – pressing the handle inside unlocks the door even in case the thumb-turn is turned
  • The inside handle with an additional button ensures better security. Pressing the button unlocks a double-locked door.
  • NFC chip – ALV2 lock is equipped with an NFC chip. This enables NFC function in future.  
  • Sub-master card users can check the battery level. When the battery is almost flat, LED light is visible. 
  • Event records- The lock saves last 600 entries and 100 errors.
    Data is saved with a DTU (Data Transfer Unit) or Log Card (IR Card & EL Card). Data can be viewed and managed ona DTU or computer.
  • Data transfer- Data is transfered to/from the lock via IR data transmission technology. 
  • Optional mechanical key override
  • Many colours and handle types available.

PMS integration

Reception procedures can be faster thanks to the integration with PMS. API documents are available. 

Guest app

Room number, check-in and check-out dates are displayed on a guest mobile application (you can manage the displayed information). This solution is available in locks with Bluetooth modules. 


MiFare card opening

Card programming

In the programme you can issue 16 types of cards, including guest cards, Master and Sub-Master cards. Up to 32 card issuing terminals can be connected with one server.

Card issuance
Only the reception staff is authorised to issue cards. The information about card type, issue date, issuing staff and terminal is saved in the event records. The records can be printed. 

  • MiFare cards
  • a thumb-turn can be turned from inside, only authorised staff can open the door from outside
  • 4 AA batteries, average life time is around 18 months