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MiFare card hotel energy saver

MiFare card hotel energy saver

If you run a hotel you must have come across the situation that guests do not turn off TV or lights after leaving the room. It causes major energy losses which influence your costs significantly.

The application of Mifare card energy savers in hotel rooms means significant energy savings.

Based on the design of hotel rooms, card energy savers are available in any colour from RAL chart.

MiFare card energy saver is perfect for hotels. They are compatible with hotel card locks. The guest has to take out the card from the energy saver in order to be able to open the door later on.


By inserting a MiFare card into the energy saver you turn on power in the room. When you withdraw the card, power is off after delay period so that you have time to leave the room.

Energy savers and electronic locks are a perfect match. These devices work with the same Mifare card. The guest opens the door using a programmed card, then he/she inserts this card into the switch. He/she takes out the card when leaving the  hotel room.

  • EU and UK box standard installation
  • Voltage: 190-240V
  • Power cut delay:~ 30 seconds
  • Load current:≤ 16A
  • Service life: more than 100 thousand times
  • Temperature:-10 ℃ + 60 ℃
  • Humidity: 50 ℃ 10 ~ 95% RH
  • Dimension: 86 x 86 x 46mm
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