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Be-Tech Smart Fit-in hotel lock

Be-Tech Smart Fit-in hotel lock

If you still use keys in your hotel and would like to switch to Mifare technology without any additional costs of exchanging doors for new ones – Be-Tech Smart fit-in is for you!

Be-Tech Smart Fit-in hotel lock is a simple solution without a mortise lock.

All electronic parts are inside lock plates so you can install the lock on any existing door and easily replace traditional handles.

Hotel locks are made of high quality materials and ensure long and failure-free functioning.


What you get

Our hotel locks ensures better comfort and security of your guests.

  • You can issue cards with limited validity
  • Staff have their own cards with a different authorization level
  • You can easily delete the lost card in the programme
  • The guest who hasn’t paid an additional hotel night will not enter the room
  • You have access to entry records. In case of theft you can verify who and when enetred a given room.
  • You will avoid renting hotel rooms without your knowledge – the staff has to issue a card for each guest.
  • You can open the door with a traditional key in emergency.
  • Forget about a heavy bunch of keys! Now you have just one card which opens all rooms!

Why our locks

Our locks are characterised by the high quality and attractive price at the same time.

We and our distributors have installed thousands of locks in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Malta, Ukraine and Norway.

The locks have all the required certification.

  • EI30 certificate according to European Standard UNE-EN-1634-1:2000 which confirms fire resistance
  • The newest technology applied
  • Locks are made of brushed stainless steel
  • Mechanical key in case of emergency
  • Memory of last 500 operations which can be printed
  • Hidden mechanical key override
  • Separate reader and PCB protect against access by unauthorized people
  • Electronic lock elements are resistant to humidity so you can install locks in all rooms, e.g. sauna
  • Low battery alarm
  • EPROM memory saves all events even during the battery change or repair
  • POS, PMS: interface working with the most of programmes, e.g. Micros-Fidelio Suite8 or Micros Opera
  • Based on a 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology
  • Door thickness 40–50 mm
  • Spindle size 65 mm
  • Operated with four AA batteries
  • Temperature: -10 ° C ~ 55 ° C.
  • Humidity: 20% ~ 93% ± 2RH
  • Warranty: 2 years or more*
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