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Architect / Designer

Like us, you certainly value the unique design and wide functionality of products.

We are passionate about electronics, but at the same time the appearance of a product is very important to us. Our products are high quality and available in many different options so that a user can always choose the most suitable one for his interior.

No matter which interior design you have you can use our panels. Our switches are perfect for houses, apartments, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, and even hotels for which we created a separate system according to the specific needs in this field.


Your projects will become much more unique thanks to our SaveKey touch panels. Our switches will make the interior design more interesting and, what’s more, the user will get many additional functions which are not available in traditional light switches.

What makes your switches different:

  • one touch panel replaces up to 4 traditional switches!
  • you can control both lighting and curtains with one panel
  • thanks to icon and text customization everybody can easily turn on the chosen light spots
  • programmed scenes turn on the sequence of lights
  • various types and colours of frames perfectly fit the interior
  • you can use our switches in most of projects, even with the existing electrical installation.


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Architect / Designer